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eat local?

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Posted by Simon Bryant

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The issues surrounding food miles can be complex. I'm a believer in a rough appropriation of the so called 100 mile diet, give or take a few miles here and there. While not perfect, it is still a useful tool to apply when buying most produce because it's still the simplest approach if you want to tick a few boxes without actually going through a crippling for-and-against ethics choice when shopping. So many regions in Australia have a great diversity and availability of product that it is actually feasible for a lot of chefs in this country to keep their menus local.

I guess the real plus for me is that if you have any reservations surrounding other factors involved in the production of a local product you can just get on down to the farm gate and have a chat and a look for yourself. You just can't get that sort of first hand insight into the production of an imported product. For the general public, well there's our growing culture of farmers markets. If you have any issues or queries about animal welfare, landcare, water or what ever is your thing, you can ask the producer directly because they are usually standing right there behind their produce....oh yeah before you get frantic :)  that was a picture of a farmers market in Moscow when I was cooking  for a bunch of fancy rich people and the hotel produce was just awful...we hit the streets and shopped till we dropped...

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