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If you wanna get in touch or talk about an event,
just get "your people" to talk to "my people..."

Events & Appearances

Private or corporate event inquiries - including but of course not limited to:  cooking demonstrations, guest speaker requests, weddings, parties, anything....

Simon 'has suitcase, will travel' and has cooked all over Australia and across the world.

For food: fill out a catering enqury form for either fancy sh!t or cheap sh!t.

For everything else: fill out our other sh!t booking request form.

We'll get back to you with a prompt response.


General Inquiries

With reruns of The Cook and The Chef currently showing on two networks, we know many people are searching for the recipes from the show. Unfortunately the original ABC TV website has been taken down and we are not at liberty to provide these as they belong to the original producers. However we can provide this link to the archived website where you can browse for recipes alphabetically.

If your request is in regard to recipes in general, we can only offer you a taste of Simon's cooking by pointing you in the direction of your local library or book store to seek out one of Simon's two books Vegies and Vegies, Grains & Other Good Stuff. Or for a signed copy, please purchase from our website.

For all other general inquiries - you know the drill.

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